Education is about character building. It is about developing the right technical and social skills and about attaining good ethical values. The mission of the College is to provide the environment to achieve these so that it can make a difference to graduating students to their career, life and society.

At Newbridge College, you will find that we are committed to providing excellent facilities that enables our students to excel and enjoy their student experience. The auditorium and lecture rooms with its amenities allows quality teaching and learning between the lecturers and students.

The library and tutorial rooms provides environment for self-study and academic discussion among peers.

New facilities are being developed to ensure a holistic approach to education as a place for learning, growing and evolving.

Newbridge College committed, to providing facilities that make studies and student experience better and accessible. We do this by benefaction our students access advanced facilities that includes conducive library, auditorium and tutorial rooms. All of these experience empower you with a greater chance of employment - even before you graduate

Student Council

The self-governed Newbridge College Student Council is active in organising social welfare, charitable and learning activities such as blood donation drives, corporate visits and excursions. Every year, election is held to elect the Council members.

Self-development programmes

Self-development seminars and workshop are provided during the course to ensure that students are able to fit into the employment world with ease. Industry facilitators are a unique feature in these programmes.


Sport activities form an integral part of college life. There are various indoor and outdoor games you can participate in. These include chess, carom, badminton, table tennis, basketball, volleyball, and squash.

Outdoor activities are arranged with local municipal authorities. The sports committee of the College organises all sports activities.


Newbridge College understands that students may experience anxiety or doubt while their studies therefore we provide personal and academic counseling to ensure that their emotional and academic needs are taken care of.

Our counselors are registered and students will have academic mentors to facilitate with their progress in their education.

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