What do the student graduate with?
Students graduating with our Diploma will also receive the BTEC Higher National Diploma.

BTEC Higher National Diploma is a Higher National Diploma (Level 5) is an international recognized Diploma from the United Kingdom. It is professional / technical higher education qualification providing admission into second or third year degree programmes in universities in the United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong amongst others. It is also provides examination exemptions from major professional bodies. BTEC Higher National Diploma is well sough-after qualification by employers not only in Malaysia, but all over the world.
What is the pathway to getting a university degree?

The BTEC Level 5 Higher National Diploma are co-designed with industry, employers and professional bodies and are therefore widely recognized as the equivalent of one or two years of university education by industry and higher education.

Everything you learn and achieve can count towards an undergraduate degree and the majority of BTEC Higher National Diploma graduates are fast-tracked to the second or third year of a degree course at a wide range of leading universities worldwide.

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Where is BTEC Higher National Diploma recognized?

Please refer to for more information on BTEC Higher National Diploma
What is BTEC Higher National Diploma?
BTEC stands for Business & Technology Education Council and was established in 1994.

BTEC is a suite of international qualification taught across the globe by leading education institutes. BTEC Higher National Diploma are designed for students who want to gain the opportunity to progress to the final year of honours degree, AND those who want an industry recognized qualification providing skills and experience to propel their progression in employment.

Do I have to take more examinations?
No, the syllabi covered in our Diploma have been approved for the BTEC Level 5 Higher National Diploma.

Newbridge College is an approved centre for the Pearson BTEC Higher National Diploma. All assessments for the BTEC Higher National Diploma will be carried out internally in Newbridge College by Newbridge College lecturers. Newbridge College is subject to stringent audit by independent auditors from the United Kingdom twice a year.
Does it cost me more to get two diplomas instead of one?
No, our published fees cover both Diplomas.
I don't understand. Does the student receive one or two diplomas?
Students receive two Diplomas for the same course of study.

You will receive a Diploma from Newbridge College as well as BTEC Higher National Diploma.
What diplomas are offered by Newbridge College?
We offer the following Diplomas/BTEC Higher National Diplomas:

Students who graduated from our Diploma will also receive the BTEC Higher National Diploma from the United Kingdom upon completion of relevant assignments required for BTEC Higher National Diploma.

Newbridge Diploma and BTEC Higher National Diploma are recognized for admission to second or third year University degree courses in the United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and locally, and are accepted by employers worldwide.

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