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Firstly, I choose Newbridge College because the college is near to my house which is located at Jalan Tun Sri Lanang. The college also delivers quality education at an affordable price. Besides that, the facilities of the college are good and can be improvised.

Based on the teaching and learning experience, the lecturer at Newbridge is very helpful and dedicated to help their students to accomplish the study program. Furthermore, the college also provide a dual diploma. The other diploma that known as BTEC is an UK based program. BTEC will help students to be able to compete with other students from other college upon graduating or studying abroad. BTEC gives the students the skills they need to progress.

Melvin Deo
Diploma in Business Administration
Year 2017

Newbridge College, very much like it’s well- polished name, impresses me by its sleek and posh style at the same time comfortable study environment, with a modern touch of business architecture, promoting a conducive and productive surrounding homed to faculty like accountancy, business, information technology and computer science.

Formerly owned and known towards the public as Sinar College, trusted and famous for its Accountancy professional courses, Newbridge proves to be the worthy choice, insisted upon having quality lecturers and delivering the utmost professional education system, even at its growing stage.

The growing college is the ultimate dream for someone who desires more interactive lectures in class and a caring and more student-friendly studying environment as a whole. Merit scholarships are even provided for SPM As’ holders. Join us today and make us grow together with you!

(Jena) Ng Yee Ching
Diploma in Accounting
Year 2017

In Newbridge College, you’ll find well planned courses, experienced lecturers, and friendly staff, who are always willing to assist in whatever challenges you may face. The BTEC courses here also offer a challenging but very rewarding experience. When you graduate, you’ll find yourself equipped with not only knowledge regarding subjects, but also knowledge of how the industry works.

Yeo Chen Lian
Diploma in Computer Science
Year 2017

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